Resources for Kids

How to talk to kids about coronavirus? Here are some sites:


Illustrated Ministries has stopped offering free resources, but if you liked these you can visit the website at

Lessons and Coloring Sheets Fun coloring sheets
May 31, Pentecost A Sunday School Lesson
May 24, Easter 7A Sunday School Lesson
May 17, Easter 6A Sunday School Lesson
May 10, Easter 5A Sunday School Lesson
May 3, Easter 4A Sunday School Lesson
April 26, Easter 3A Sunday School Lesson
April 19, Easter 2A Sunday School Lesson
Easter!!! Sunday School Lesson
Palm Sunday Lessons Palms Coloring Sheet
Alleluia!! Coloring Sheet
God Calls Me Coloring Sheet

Right Now Media is offering free access during the Coronavirus outbreak. Members of EPC don't need free access because we have a subscription. Contact the office if you want to activate your subscription. Or try it for free.

Worshiping with Children

This is a site by Carolyn C. Brown a PCUSA Christian Educator. Week by week she will provide an outline and suggestions for worshiping at home with children.

Once you click on the link, look through the year A for the ones marked "Worship at Home." The following Sunday's lessons should be posted by Monday.

Baby Eagle Cam!

One of our members has been watching these baby Eagles from the nest cam. This is from Decorah, Iowa. You can watch them too!