What to Expect

Each week there is a worship bulletin which includes the order of worship as well as announcements.  Song lyrics and prayers are also projected on a screen at the front of the sanctuary.  While many folks “dress up” for church, others worship in jeans and tee-shirts.  The service normally lasts for an hour and sometimes runs five or ten minutes longer on communion Sundays.

Sample Bulletin

Our musical style is traditional. We have a wonderful pipe organ and we enjoy singing a wide variety of hymns with organ accompaniment. About once a month our bell choir plays for worship, as does our Brass+ group and we are blessed by a variety of vocal and instrumental soloists.

Children are always welcome in worship. There is a nursery provided for children through age 2. Children age 3 through grade 6 are invited to join in a children’s time near the beginning of the worship service and then may choose to attend Sunday School classes or remain in worship with their parents.

In our Reformed tradition, we celebrate two sacraments: baptism and communion. Baptism for both adults and children is celebrated in the context of our worship service. Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month. All who believe in Jesus Christ and seek to be his faithful disciples are invited to commune.

Our church family looks forward to fellowship time following worship where everyone is invited to share a cup of coffee or punch and a sweet treat before heading home.