Our Leadership

Corporate Officers

President: Frank Martinson
Secretary: Joan Coombs
registered Agent: Tom Jenney


Class of 2022
*Jereme Bintz (Co-Chair of Buildings and Grounds)
Emily Ellis (Chair of Worship)
Rich Gallup (Co-Chair of Buildings and Grounds)


Class of 2023
Ryan Raub (Chair of IT)
*Elma Shugg (Chair of Generosity and Stewardship)
Laurie Van Dyke (Clerk of Session and Chair of Discipleship, Evangelism and Activities)
Class of 2024
*Tom Jenney (Chair of Christian Education)

Karleen Johnston (Chair of Personnel)

*Valerie Zehr (Chair of Missions)

*denotes second term


Class of 2022
Marian Hupp
Portia Morgan


Class of 2023
*Michael Ellis
*Christine Juby
Lynn Mahoney (Moderator)
Pat Vest


Class of 2024

Jane Bechtol (Treasurer)

Pat Jasmann

Ashley Johnston


*denotes second term