Our Leadership


Class of 2021
Valerie Zehr (Chair of Missions)
Tom Jenney (Chair of Personnel and Christian Education)
Brennan Zehr (Chair of Nominating)
Class of 2022
Emily Ellis (Chair of Worship)
Rich Gallup (Co-Chair of Buildings and Grounds)
Jereme Bintz (Co-Chair of Buildings and Grounds)


Class of 2023
Elma Shugg (Chair of Generosity and Stewardship)
Ryan Raub (Chair of IT)
Laurie Van Dyke (Clerk of Session and Chair of Discipleship, Evangelism and Activities)



Class of  2021
Joyce Herd (Treasurer)
Jacque Gallup (Moderator)
Class of 2022
Portia Morgan
Marian Hupp


Class of 2023
Christine Juby
Michael Ellis
Lynn Mahoney
Pat Vest