Pastor Search

Emmanuel Presbyterian Church is in the process of searching for a new pastor. It is a process that can take a while as the church discerns what kind of future God is calling them into. In September of 2019, seven individuals were elected by the congregation to serve as the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC). This page will contain regular updates from the PNC as they progress through certain stages. 

November 9, 2020 Update from Julie Siksta, PNC Member

 Hello EPC family,

I bring another update from the PNC committee. 

 We continue to look at more PIF’s (Personal Information Forms) and contact the Pastors to see if they are still interested in the call of a new Church. Once the response is yes then we review the PIF’s and score them and watch any sermons they provide.  If there is an interest from the committee in the Pastor, we contact them to schedule an interview.

Our process is to review the varied questions we have created and then choose the questions we feel best fit for the individual we will be interviewing. We divide the questions between 1st interview and 2nd interview.  We have not had any 2nd interviews as of yet but are hopeful that the right person will be in sight. 

We have completed two interviews with two different individuals thus far.  The experience of interviewing Pastors with the questions we have created is now under our belt.  We feel comfortable with the format we have agreed on and it is working well.  Another interview with a promising Pastor is set up for this week. 

I will continue to keep the church informed with updates as we schedule more meetings.  We thank all of you for the prayers and support in this process.


Julie Siksta

October 13, 2020 Update from Julie Siksta, PNC Member

Hello EPC members another update to keep everyone informed of our progress. 

We continue to look through more PIF’s (personal information forms).  At this stage in the process we have become very good at becoming more aware and in tune to what we feel is a good candidate.  We have some individuals that show promise and are beginning the interview process.

The PNC have spent time creating a series of interview questions, touching base on personal interests, spiritual guidance, how they were called to the Lord and other related questions.  The first interviews are being conducted through zoom and we look forward to meeting the pastors so we can put a face with the PIF’s. 

We thank our Church Family for your support during this process and are grateful for the continued prayers in our search. 


Julie Siksta

September 1, 2020 Update from Julie Siksta, PNC Member

Dear EPC Family,

The PNC have been meeting on a weekly basis for the past month and a half.  

We continue to work on Eighteen additional applicants. Nine last week and we hope to finish up on the other nine in two weeks after the Holiday weekend.  

Interview questions have been created in hopes to start interviewing any potential applicants we have narrowed down.   

The PNC committee is committed to do a thorough job in finding our future Pastor.  Through hard work and prayer, we are hopeful to find a candidate that will fit well within our Church family. We will keep you updated following our next meeting.


Julie Siksta

August 5, 2020 Update from Julie Siksta, PNC Member

Dear EPC family,

I wanted to provide an update on our Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) meetings and how we are moving along.  

This week Thursday we are holding a meeting going over 8 more applicants.  We will discuss each candidate and see where we rate them and if we will move forward in pursuing their application.  We have carefully analyzed each aspect of these applicants.  Once we have narrowed down to those in the running the PNC group will work on interview questions.   Keep in mind we have gone over 60 plus applications and we appreciate everyone’s patience during this process.  We are blessed and grateful in knowing that the Good Lord is walking with us through this process and is guiding our committee in this important task.


Julie Siksta

July 16, 2020 Update from Julie Siksta, PNC Member

"The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) have recently met to continue with more in-depth detail regarding two candidates. After more research and detail of our findings a meeting will be set for more discussion. We have also received an additional 16 Personal Information Forms (PIFs) to review. The PNC will meet Monday 7/20/20 to continue the research of the additional applicants.

We thank everyone for being patient as we work diligently to narrow our search for a good fit of a pastor for EPC. We are grateful and blessed in letting the Good Lord guide us in our duties as PNC members. "

July 9, 2020 Update from PNC Chair Jereme Bintz

"The PNC has continued to meet every 1-2 weeks. So far we have evaluated nearly 60 Personal information Forms (PIFs), the ministry equivalent of a resume, and supporting materials, such as recorded sermons and personal websites. Every member of the PNC scored each candidate, allowing us to narrow down our results. We are meeting again on Monday to review our top candidates in depth. Although we are working diligently, we pray that we trust in God’s perfect timing, not allowing ourselves to be rushed or delayed by our own concerns."