A Word from the Pastor – June 2017

For many of us the summer months provide time for a break. School is out. Our choir goes on hiatus. Sunday school has a different format and the youth group goes into summer mode. The session and board of deacons have a lighter schedule. And for many of us, summer means vacation time. As we head into the summer, I want to offer you a reminder and a request.

First, the reminder. EPC does not go on vacation during the summer! The doors will be open every Sunday morning, the AC will be turned on, and there will be preaching and music and fellowship. The summer has a more casual feel, so we may expect to see more shorts and t-shirts at worship. Beginning June 4 there will be adult Sunday school classes on offer with childcare available for those who have little ones.

Second, I have a request. As your travels take you away from the Valley this summer, I hope you will make it a priority to find a place to worship. We can
learn so much from worshiping with other congregations of Christians. As you do, please keep a copy of the worship bulletin and bring it home with you. Drop it
by the church office, and at the end of the summer we’ll have a display of all the places we’ve been and the people with whom we’ve worshiped.

Have a great summer!
See you in church!

Mary Saylor