Hand Bells Find A New Home

The front page of the “Adams County Record” on July 31 contained the following headline: “Hettinger Lutheran Church Gets the Blessing of Bell Choir Set.” The paper reported how our own Stacie Anfinson and Peter Martin had transported three octaves of hand bells to Stacie’s childhood church in Hettinger, ND, a gift from Emmanuel Presbyterian Church in Phoenix. Not only did the story make the headlines of Stacie’s hometown newspaper, but a bell concert by the Anfinson/Martin family was broadcast on the radio as well.

It seems appropriate that the bells should land in a Lutheran church. They were a gift to EPC from Christ the King Lutheran Church when that congregation was disbanded. But since EPC did not have enough ringers to play two sets of bells and consequently the instruments were not being used, our session decided to pass the bells on to another congregation. There has been an enormous amount of interest throughout the small community of Hettinger and it is hoped that the bells will become a blessing not only for the Lutheran church but also for the wider community as well as folks are invited to join in the ringing. We hear plans are in the works for a Christmas concert, and we are delighted to know that the bells have found a new home where they can be a blessing.

Meatless Mondays

Have you ever considered eating more of your proteins from sources other than meats? There is a trend now toward going meatless one day a week, both for personal health (meats have higher fats levels) and for the planet health (animals require more resources to sustain). If this is something that appeals to you, or perhaps you are already a vegetarian, it is vital that you have enough protein in your diet. The amino acids in proteins are responsible for cell growth and regeneration.

In addition to the lunch and dinner suggestions, breakfast might consist of whole grain cereal, milk (dairy or substitute), fruit and/or juices, and toast, bagel or muffin with spreads. Use fruits, raisins, nuts or natural peanut butter on apple slices or celery for snacks.

We lose millions of cells every day due to exercise, stress, heat, cold, old age (of the cells!) and cells being used up or cut off (hair and nails). The general requirement for a 150-pound adult is around 65 grams of protein daily. I am including a list of foods with equivalent essential proteins-both meat and otherwise.

Let’s all be healthier this season.

Beans: 1 cup
Navy or kidney or black, 15 grams; lentils, 18 grams
Cheese: 1 ounce
American, 6 grams; Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Mozzarella, 7 grams; Feta, 4 grams; Cream, 2 grams; Swiss, 8 grams; Parmesan, 12 grams
Dairy: 1 cup
Milk, 8 grams; Cottage cheese-creamy curd, 7 grams; dry curd, 10 grams
Egg: 1 regular, 6 grams Meat: 3 ounces
Beef – roast, 22 grams; lean, 34 grams
Chicken – dark, 19 grams; white, 21 grams
Fish – Fresh bass, cod, salmon, trout and tuna, 20-23 grams
Canned salmon, 17 grams; canned tuna, 22 grams
Pork – ham, 24 grams; roasted loin, 23 grams; bacon (2 strips), 4 grams
Nuts: 1 ounce
Brazil and cashew, 4 grams; pecan, 2 grams; almonds, 5 grams; Peanuts, 7 grams; peanut butter, 4 grams per tablespoon
Quinoa: 3 ounces, 11 grams
Couscous: 1 cup, 6 grams
Tofu: firm (3 ounces) 13 grams; regular (4 ounces) 9 grams

Of course, many foods have incomplete proteins which can be combined to make complete proteins, but that’s another column.
If this is something in which you are interested, let us know and we can explore further.

Our First Recommended Recipe is Lemon and Spinach Orzotto.

Bon appetite!

A Word from the Pastor – Sept 2015

Summer always goes by too quickly, and once again we’re back in the swing of things as school is back in session and summer travels come to an end. While our choir and church boards take a short hiatus over the summer, ministry continues at EPC. Here are some of the highlights of the past summer.

A well-attended Sunday morning series of adult education classes drew an average of 20 people.
Terrific Tuesdays were enjoyed by a very enthusiastic group of children who enjoyed games, crafts, puppets, and music centered around Bible stories about Jesus and his friends.

We were delighted to be able to donate 42 much- needed folding chairs to Papago United Presbyterian Church in Sells, AZ, one of more than 20 Native
American Presbyterian congregations in Arizona.

With great joy, we celebrated the baptisms of Ethan Joshua Bintz on Father’s Day and Annika Lynn Raub on July 19.

MMOL sponsored a wonderful evening of talent-sharing and desserts on July 18, raising funds for the ministry in support of missionaries and delighting all who attended.

We blessed Rudy and Jaime Richards on their way as they moved to Des Moines for new employment opportunities.

The hand bells given to us by our friends at Christ the King Lutheran Church found a new home in North Dakota.

Tesseract School (our neighbors across 39th St.) closed their doors and we were the beneficiaries of several gifts, including a piano, portable white board, bookshelves, and a whole host of office supplies.

The office computer “died” and Sonja spent the summer soldiering on and trying to recover!

George and I enjoyed a wonderful week of continuing education at the Ghost Ranch Presbyterian Conference Center in New Mexico.

EPC emerged victorious in a very close “food fight” with our friends from Crosswinds Presbyterian Church.

Initial plans were made for EPC’s first women’s retreat scheduled for next spring.

Nine prayer shawls and nine blessings bracelets were created and sent on their way to Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC, in the wake of the shootings there.

We welcomed elder Dana Huether to the ministry of the session and deacon Joan Coombs to the ministry of our board of deacons.

As we head into the fall, I am grateful for all God’s blessings, and especially for all those who so faithfully serve God and his people through the various ministries of EPC. As our lives fall back into the routine of the school year I look forward to what God has ahead for us and to the new things he will do among us.

Blessings, Mary Saylor

September 13th Sunday Worship Service

Our Sunday worship service on September 13th, 2015 will be a very special day at EPC. Our Choir will be back with us after a summer hiatus. The Rev. Dr. Brad Munroe, our presbytery paster, will be preaching and bringing us news of the presbytery. We will also be celebrating the sacrament of baptism, and following worship we will be treated to a delicious spaghetti luncheon, proceeds from which will support the mission ministries of EPC.

Food Fight 2015 – Thank you!

food-fight-2015-panoramaThank you to everyone who gave so generously towards the food fight with our friends from Crosswinds Presbyterian.  EPC collected a total of 1,275 pounds of food (donated to Paradise Valley Emergency Food Bank) and 3,521 pounds of water (donated to Phoenix Rescue Mission) for a grand total of 4,796 pounds of donations!  Crosswinds collected a total of 4,697 pounds of food and water, which means together our congregations have donated over four and half tons of provisions!  Although EPC are the winners of the food fight, the real winners are the folks who will be able to feed their families and slake their thirst because of what was given in Christ’s name.  We look forward to celebrating with Crosswinds later this fall.

Food Fight! 2015

food-drive-2014We have been challenged to a food fight by our friends from Crosswinds Presbyterian Church. For the next few Sundays we will be collecting canned goods and other non-perishable food items for the Paradise Valley Emergency Food bank.

July 5th through August 2nd, 2015

The church collecting the most food, measured by the pound, will be declared the winner. We are asking that the donation of cases of water, which will be delivered to the Phoenix Rescue Mission downtown, be held until the last Sunday, August 2. If you are unable to bring food and would like to contribute towards the purchase of canned goods, you can designate a money gift for that purpose in the offering, and we have shoppers who will gladly purchase food on your behalf. Remember, food banks are in greatest need during the summer months, so please give generously.

A Word from the Pastor – June 2015

May has come and gone, Memorial Day has passed, graduations have been celebrated, and school’s out for the summer. And here at EPC summer school is underway! Adult education classes are scheduled for Sunday mornings before worship, starting at 9:15, through the end of July. Coffee and donuts will be on offer, and child care will be available. We have an interesting lineup of course offerings and hope you’ll make it a point to join us as your summer schedule allows. The dates, classes, and teachers are listed below. So, as the summer offers an

opportunity for a change of pace, please include these wonderful opportunities for growing your faith in your summer schedule.

  • May 31: Theology of Food, Shawn Bawulski
  • June 7: Racism, Shawn Bawulski
  • June 14: Income Inequality, Shawn Bawulski
  • June 21: Westminster Confession of Faith, Shawn Bawulski
  • June 28: Introduction to Augustine’s Confessions, Tom Jenney
  • July 5: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, Tom Jenney
  • July 12: Paul and Women, Mary Saylor
  • July 19: History of Biblical Israel, part 1 George Saylor
  • July 26: History of Biblical Israel, part 2 George Saylor

Blessings, Mary Saylor

Terrific Tuesdays – Summer 2015

Terrific Tuesdays - 2015Kids ages 3 years through entering fourth grade are invited to Terrific Tuesdays this summer at Emmanuel.  The theme is “Jesus and His Friends.” There will be Bible stories, music, crafts, puppets, snacks and games.

We will meet from 6:30 – 8:00pm on Tuesdays

  • June 2nd
  • June 23rd
  • July 14th
  • August 4th

The cost is free and kids are encouraged to bring friends! There is no need to sign up, just come and have fun. Older children who are interested in helping may contact Valerie Zehr. Parents are welcome to participate with their children or just enjoy a night out!


Adult Summer Education School at EPC

We are excited to offer a wonderful opportunity for growth in discipleship this summer! Adult education classes will be offered on Sunday mornings at the west end of the fellowship hall from 9:15 – 10:15 am starting on May 31st, 2015 and running until July 26th.

Coffee and donuts will be on offer along with wonderful teaching on a variety of interesting topics in a casual setting. Childcare will also be offered.


  • May 31st: Theology of Food
  • June 7th: Racism
  • June 14th: Income Inequality
  • June 21st: Westminster Confession of Faith
  • June 28th: Introduction to Augustine’s Confessions
  • July 5th: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
  • July 12th: Paul and Women
  • July 19th & 26th: The History of Biblical Israel (parts 1 & 2)

Please plan to join us as your summer schedule allows.