“I heard a SNAP at EPC. What is SNAP?”

SNAP stands for Sustainability, Nature, Animal Projects at Emmanuel Presbyterian Church. The mission committee has many wonderful programs going on this year. The group feels there is a need to engage in ecology mission aspects for the Emmanuel congregation to be better stewards of the environment and appreciate all of the awesome creatures and resources God provides. The projects will be varied and will involve all facets of the church. This includes facilities and grounds, worship, education and of course, missions. SNAP will occur on the church campus and through mission, fellowship, and outreach off church grounds in our local community. SNAP will be specifically designed to offer a variety of one time or short-term objectives in order to give each parishioner opportunities to be involved as they choose. More SNAP news will be coming out in the near future. If you want more information, have ideas, or would like to assist in this exciting mission opportunity, contact John Fedyna who will be the main SNAP contact from the mission committee.