A word from the pastor – Sept 2018

Dear Friends—

George and I want to thank you for all your expressions of love and friendship upon my retirement. We have so many lovely memories of the worship service and luncheon on July 29, and so many tangible tokens of your thoughtfulness. The beautiful olivewood cross is hanging in our living room and the picture of the church with all your names inscribed has a place in the hallway. I love rereading the wonderful notes from the Sunday school children—what treasures! We so appreciate the generous money gift, and we are overwhelmed by your graciousness. And I am honored to know that for years and even generations to come, the lovely baptismal font will be a means of welcoming newcomers to faith in Jesus as they become part of the EPC family.

George and I were deeply touched by your kind words and remembrances at worship and the delicious luncheon afterward. The fellowship hall never looked more festive and the food was scrumptious. I was reminded how much my dad always enjoyed the good cooking at EPC! And I am grateful all my siblings and their families were in attendance to share in the day’s events.

I am finding retirement to be a renewing change of pace. I begin every morning with a long walk; I find those walks to be a useful time for prayer, and you are included in my prayers daily. I continue my work with the presbytery’s Commission on Ministry and Reconciliation Team, so I keep my hand in with that work. The time to read, play the piano, and do some long-postponed quilting is a real luxury, and George and I are enjoying more time together. Serving as your pastor has been one the great privileges of my life. Thank you for welcoming George and me and our family, and for your kind support and loving friendship over the years. I am so pleased to hear that your interim pastor will be arriving soon and I look forward to hearing good things about EPC in the days ahead. George and I hold you in our hearts and in our prayers.

Mary Saylor