A Word from the Pastor – Oct 2018

Greetings to you, brothers and sisters in Christ!

It is my great pleasure to join you in your ministry here at Emmanuel. I am so excited about the work, the fellowship and the worship that will unite us during this interim period.

In preparation for October 1st (my start date at EPC), I have been thinking about beginnings in the Bible (there are a lot of them). The beginning that is most vivid to me at this moment is the gathering of the apostles in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2). What an exciting moment it must have been when the Holy Spirit lit upon them, filling them with wind and freeing their tongues to speak the truth of the Gospel. Ah, with that kind of confirmation, you would think they would never doubt their calling or who was guiding them and to what end.

And yet, while the events that day in Jerusalem made for an exciting moment, it was a bewildering moment too. The scene is chaotic as well as inspired; confusing as well as amazing. I can relate to that combined feeling of certainty and uncertainty in this new beginning at EPC. By that, I mean, from the first phone conversation with the search committee I felt a strong sense that this would be my next call. In all of my visits to meet the Session and other leaders, I have felt at home. Yet, I also know that there is much to learn about this community and I will stumble around for a while until I find my footing among you—I will make mistakes and miss cues. Nevertheless, I am fine with a little confusion and stumbling because that is a natural part of new beginnings, even when the Spirit is guiding us. Stumbling and bewilderment can be a sign that new connections are being forged, and in those new connections, new possibilities are being born.

So, bring on the new beginnings with all the stumbling and confusion and laughter and possibilities that come along with it. I am ready for it…are you?

Blessings, Jen