A Word from the Pastor – Easter 2015

Happy Easter! Easter Sunday may be past as you read this, but Easter is far from over. According to the church calendar, Easter is not just a day, it is a season—Eastertide. (“Tide” is an old English word meaning “time” or “season.”) For fifty days, until Pentecost (which falls on Memorial Day weekend this year), the church celebrates Easter.

I carry out a sort of personal crusade every year to reclaim the twelve days of Christmas (December 25 through January 5) as a proper celebration of Christmas. But I have been largely unsuccessful! Most people I know put their decorations away by New Year’s Day and are really sort of relieved to be done with Christmas— perhaps because we are encouraged to be in “Christmas mode” even before Halloween rolls around!

In keeping with my efforts to observe Christmas as a twelve-day season following Advent, this year I’ve decided to try to be more intentional about celebrating Easter as a season for the seven weeks following Resurrection Sunday. While every Sunday is a “little Easter” in that we celebrate our Lord’s resurrection each time we gather for Sunday worship, this year I am planning on focusing our worship services on the basic truth of Easter: Christisrisen! Heis risen indeed!

So again, Happy Easter! I invite you to join me in making the next several weeks a time of rediscovering the life- changing implications of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Eastertide gives us an opportunity to think and pray about what that great good news means to us and to the world. May your Eastertide be a season of new life, new hope, and new understanding of Christ’s undying love for us.

Blessings, Mary Saylor