A Word from the Pastor – April 2018

For the past several years I have made a point of trying to celebrate Advent during Advent and Christmas during Christmas— Advent being the four- week period before December 25 and Christmas being the twelve-day season that begins on December 25 and ends on January 5. For many folks, Christmas begins before Thanksgiving and is over on December 26. But I love celebrating the season of Christmas during the traditional twelve days and capping off Christmas with an Epiphany celebration on January 6, recalling the visit of the wise men to the child Jesus.

Sometimes we forget that Easter is also a season on the church calendar; Easter is not over on the Monday following Easter Sunday. Once we have observed the forty days of Lent, the season of Easter begins with Resurrection Sunday and lasts for fifty days until the Day of Pentecost arrives in May or June. Indeed, the Christian tradition is that every Sunday is a “little Easter” as we recall the resurrection of Jesus.

Eastertide (“tide” is an old English word that means “time” or “season’) is an opportunity for us to explore what it means to be “Easter people.” The Easter season gives us an extended period to celebrate and ponder the great good news: Christ isrisen! Heisrisen indeed! Once the Easter egg hunt is over and the ham dinner has been devoured, there is still plenty of Easter to celebrate. There’s no rule in the Bible about celebrating Eastertide, but it seems to me that the good news of Christ’s victory over death and sin and the promise of eternal life merit at least seven Sundays of celebration! So Happy Easter to you all, and a blessed Eastertide as we rejoice in the resurrection of our Lord!

Blessings— Mary Saylor